Archives for November 2022

Rhode Island Retailer Case Going to First Circuit

The First Circuit will get to join the fun of dormant commerce clause litigation.¬† The plaintiffs who lost in Rhode Island District Court have filed a Notice of Appeal ¬†with the First Circuit so briefing in this case will occupy the first half of 2023. In their continuous effort to create a federal appellate court…Read More

Updates in NC Shipping Case at the Supreme Court Level

The request for the Supreme Court to consider the plaintiff’s appeal of their loss in the 4th Circuit retail shipping dormant commerce clause case continues to proceed. After the appellant filed its request for the court to take this appeal, they secured an amicus brief from the National Association of Wine Retailers. More recently, the…Read More

Updated Filings in Oregon Lawsuit by Washington Breweries

There have been a round of filings in the lawsuit filed by Washington brewers against Oregon laws. The Defendants have responded to Oregon’s Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction by filing a response to the Motion to Dismiss with a request to amend their complaint to add more state government officials. The state responded…Read More