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4th Circuit Rules Against State of Maryland in TFWS Case.

Very disappointing but not surprising decision from 4th Circuit today ruling against the state on the Maryland laws on price posting , price holdand quantity discount ban.   This decision seemed to be a certainty when an entire new panel of 4th Circuit judges came out for oral argument.   Personally, I think the court just wanted to…Read More

Law Banning Consumption or Possession of Alcohol By Minors Unconstitutional in SC?

I am not sure how long this order-of-dismissal will stand but apparently a judge in South Carolina decided that  the laws against minor’s possesion of alcohol or consuming alcohol  are unconsititutional.    This will go to a higher court for a second opinion.  Here is an article about this decision.

Great win for the State of New York on 21st Amendment

A very impressive win for New York today as the Second Circuit rejected a challenge by an out-of-state retailer seeking to sell to NY consumer.   In a strong opinion by Circuit Judge Wesley and a very informational concurrence by Circuit Judge Calabresi, the Second Circuit rejected the claims of the plaintiff.   The decision notes that…Read More