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Briefing Complete for 9th Circuit Review of Arizona Retailer Laws

(editors note- My ability to link to documents is not working at present so I apologize for not having live links to filed briefs. I hope to rectify that problem soon.) The briefing is complete for the 9th Circuit on the dormant Commerce Clause challenge by two wine aficionados to Arizona laws on wine retailing.  After…Read More

Direct Shipping Proponents Once Again Seek to Misstate Support of National Conference of State Legislatures For Model Alcohol Shipping Bill. NCSL Issues Another Clarifying Statement.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is an organization based in Colorado representing the interests of state legislators and staff.  It provides research to state legislatures and represents their interests in various government bodies. Included in its mission is an emphasis “specially in support of state sovereignty and state flexibility and protection from unfunded federal…Read More