Archives for December 2020

It Is Finally Over in Indiana. E.F. Transit Preemption Appeal Dismissed by 7th Circuit.

After nearly a decade of legislation, news stories, and litigation maneuvering between Monarch Beverage, E.F. Transit, and the state of Indiana,  the fights in Indiana over cross-tier ownership and preemption appear to finally be at a conclusion, at least for now with these entities.  The Seventh Circuit has granted the motion of E.F. Transit to…Read More

Oral Argument Set by 9th Circuit in February 2021 for Orion Imports’ Appeal on Standing

The 9th Circuit has scheduled oral arguments for the review of the Orion Imports challenge to California licensing laws.  The appeal will be held in San Francisco on February 11, 2021.   The district court had dismissed Orion’s complaint on standing grounds and the 9th Circuit schedule describes the case this way:  “An appeal from the…Read More