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US Supreme Court Denies Cert in Review of VA DUI/ 4th Amendment Case

While I was at the Center for Alcohol Policy’s annual legal symposium, the Supreme Court denied certiorari in  Virginia v. Harris.    This was a petition seeking review of a 4-3 Virginia Supreme Court decision that held that an anonymous tip of a suspected drunk driver was not sufficicent for a police officer to pull over the…Read More

Update: US Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in TN Case (Bredesen v. Jelovsek)

UPDATE:  The Supreme Court has denied certiorari in this 6th Circuit matter.  Cert denial can be found here. Update:  TN brief below.   Supreme Court to decide whether to take this the week of September 29, 2009. A pairing of lawyer and wine connoisseur has lead to the U.S. Supreme Court  being asked whether limitations imposed…Read More