Mississippi Supreme Court Unanimously Rules for the State and Finds Long Arm Statute Applicable to Wine Shippers

The Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled for the state in their effort to hold wine shippers liable for selling to MS in violation of several laws.   This unanimous decision reverses the trial court’s decision. This case served as a reminder of first year law school’s Civil Procedure class and examination of when personal jurisdiction kicks…Read More

Court Dismisses Out of State Importer Challenge to California’s Three Tier Requirements

Chief Judge Mueller of the Eastern District of California dismissed the third amended complaint filed by a Florida wine importer against California.  The plaintiffs contended that out-of-state businesses, such as Orion Wine Imports, should be permitted to bypass California’s preferred method of regulating alcoholic beverages and sell directly to California retailers.  The plaintiffs said that…Read More

Another Retailer Shipping Case Filed – This Time in North Carolina

The lawyer combination of Tanford and Epstein have filed their (at least) sixth retail shipping dormant commerce clause lawsuit since the Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association decision in the Supreme Court. This time they have filed a complaint on behalf of Florida business and several North Carolina residents claiming that the North Carolina laws…Read More

One Less Retail Shipping Case – Texas Lawsuit Dropped

There is one less retail direct shipping dormant Commerce Clause case as the plaintiffs in the Texas lawsuit have voluntarily dismissed without prejudice their lawsuit against Texas.  But don’t worry there are at least eight others still active in the federal courts across the country. (earlier post) Two Additional Retail Wine Shipping Cases Filed (Indiana…Read More

Southern Wine & Spirits Files In Support of Total Wine Supreme Court Petition

The nation’s largest alcohol wholesaler joined with the nation’s largest independent alcohol retailer asking the Supreme Court to use the federal antitrust laws to throw out the Connecticut alcohol pricing laws that, among other goals,  protect competition. In its brief urging the Supreme Court to take this case, Southern Wine and Spirits notes that it…Read More