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Alcohol Deregulation Initiatives Rejected by Citizens of Washington State

It appears that Costco Corporation’s third bite at the apple in their attempt to deregulate the alcohol market in Washington State has reached the same conclusion as its first two attempts. Following failed attempts in the courtroom and the legislature in recent years, this year Costco spent millions of dollars to get an initiative on…Read More

8th Circuit Tosses Private Challenge to AB-InBev Merger

The 8th Circuit upeld a district court’s dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the ABInbev merger.   The district court had dismissed the case on the pleadings.   The 8th Circuit decision upheld the dismissal and serves as a refresher of the chronology of the takeover.  Among other things, the plaintiffs lost their attempt to make Carlos Brito and…Read More

Supreme Court Denies Cert in Booze Ad Case

The Supreme Court has denied the appeal filed by ACLU that sought to keep alcohol advertising in college newspaper throughout Virginia. (EARLIER POST) The Virginia Chapter is seeking to have the Supreme Court review the decision of the 4th Circuit to uphold Virginia’s law on the ban of alcohol advertising in college newspapers.  It its…Read More

South Carolina Supreme Court Raises Stakes on Retailers

In this case, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that retailers of alcohol are liable for damages incurred by patrons who end up hurting others in car accidents.  Read the opinion here.

No National Contract. Michigan Court Rules on MillerCoors Proposed Contract

The Michigan courts have clearly held that anyone wanting to sell alcohol in Michigan has to abide by Michigan law. In a very strongly worded opinion, a Michigan State Court has upheld the decisions of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission finding that the proposed MillerCoors contract violated several aspects of Michigan alcohol law.   In his…Read More