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Legislation to Support State Alcohol Laws Introduced in Congress

The sponsors of H.R. 5034 have announced they plan to amend their legislation.  This legislation will be a more limited version and can be found here.   A section by section analysis of this bill is here. H.R. 5034, “The Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act of 2010” or “CARE Act,” was introduced in the U.S. House…Read More

9th Circuit Rules for Arizona in Volume Cap and In Person Challenge

UPDATE…….. ARIZONA WINS The 9th Circuit has issued a ruling. The state of Arizona wins, volume caps and face to face purchase requirements are permissible. Read the ruling here. (OLDER POST) On September 15th, the 9th Circuit heard oral arguments of a wineries appeal of an Arizona district court’s decision upholding the state’s winery laws.   Click here if you would like  to hear the…Read More

39 State AGs Sign Letter to Congress

AGs from 39 states have signed a letter written to the Honorable Hank Johnston, who chairs a House Judiciary subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy. The letter seeks help “with the growing threat facing our states from unprecedented legal challenges that seek to eliminate our ability to regulate alcohol.” Read the letter here.