KY ABC Issues Letter Indicating Conditional Approval for ABInBev to Own Owensboro Distributor

The KY ABC issued a letterto ABI conditionally approving their license to become the owner of the Owensboro ABInBev distributor.  The Malt Beverage Administrator noted that this application is “the most controversial in Department history.”  As a result she listed many concerns and questions in her four page letter.   She noted that much information is missing…Read More

UPDATED – Guest Column- A Different View of Some Alcohol Industry Statistics

Update: Recently the Brewers Association updated its private count of breweries.   According to BA records, it noted that there are 2,822 breweries of which they count 2,768 as “craft” breweries.    However, 45% of these craft breweries are actually brewpubs and are more like restaurants in many ways.  Likewise only 119 breweries (4%) are larger than 15,000…Read More

Federal Judge Signs Final Judgment Resolving ABI-Modelo Antitrust Concerns

A federal judge signed the final judgment in the ABI-Modelo deal concluding the United States’ lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch InBev and Grupo Modelo.  This case is now complete subject to conditions and monitoring provisions.  You can read the final judgment here.  Also, here is an article from the Courthouse News Service. (earlier post) Justice Department Files Tunney…Read More

Judge Grants Utah’s Motion to Dismiss Hospitality Association Case

Judge Jenkins held oral argument on the motion to dismiss and granted Plaintiff’s motion to dismiss.   I only have a transcript summary  here.   It dismisses the case but notes that the plaintiff has 20 days to amend the complaint.  Press coverage of the hearing indicates the judge was quite skeptical of the claims underlying the…Read More