Guest Column- Marijuana Debate Rekindles Discussion on How Alcohol Is Regulated

There has been much discussion surrounding marijuana regulation and a stated goal of a need “to regulate marijuana like alcohol.” The pros and cons of marijuana legalization are far beyond the scope of this column, but a deeper dive into the goals and purposes of alcohol regulation is something that is often missing from the…Read More

UPDATED – Guest Column- A Different View of Some Alcohol Industry Statistics

Update: Recently the Brewers Association updated its private count of breweries.   According to BA records, it noted that there are 2,822 breweries of which they count 2,768 as “craft” breweries.    However, 45% of these craft breweries are actually brewpubs and are more like restaurants in many ways.  Likewise only 119 breweries (4%) are larger than 15,000…Read More

Guest Column – Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the 21st Amendment

  By: Brannon P. Denning, Center for Alcohol Policy Advisory Council member and professor at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law   Each year the Center for Alcohol Policy sponsors an essay contest to foster debate, analysis, and examination of state alcohol regulation and its implications for citizens across the United States. The topic for…Read More

New Virginia Law Helps Industry Members Receive Declaratory Rulings Before Costly Litigation

Virginia recently passed a law that will provide clarity to both brewers and distributors alike.   Below is a summary of the bill provided by Walter Marston of Marston & McNally who represents the Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association: An amendment to the Virginia Beer Franchise Act effective July 1 will enable breweries and beer wholesalers to…Read More

First Guest Column- Why Should The Public Care About Franchise Laws

We’ve had the ability to do guest columns on this website but never utilized it until now.  These guest columns are not to be considered legal advice but rather are thoughts on issues  relating to alcohol law and policy.  The first guest column is brought to us by Mike Madigan, a partner in Madigan, Dahl and Harlan…Read More