Update: US Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in TN Case (Bredesen v. Jelovsek)

UPDATE:  The Supreme Court has denied certiorari in this 6th Circuit matter.  Cert denial can be found here.

Update:  TN brief below.   Supreme Court to decide whether to take this the week of September 29, 2009.

A pairing of lawyer and wine connoisseur has lead to the U.S. Supreme Court  being asked whether limitations imposed by Tennessee on the transportation or possession of untaxed alcoholic beverages violate the Commerce Clause. The question arises within the context of a larger challenge concerning Tennessee’s laws governing the wine industry. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld Tennessee’s ban on the direct shipment of alcohol to consumers, but concluded that certain other challenged laws were discriminatory on their face and remanded the issues to the District Court for further proceedings.  Tennessee has subsequently amended its laws in response to the 6th Circuit.  Plaintiff Jelovsek is pressing this appeal despite the legislature’s action. In her appeal she suggestions the following questions presented:

I. Whether discriminatory and protectionist laws in Tennessee’s three-tier alcohol distribution system are immune from challenge on Commerce Clause grounds, contrary to the law of this Court and other circuits?

II. Whether the Sixth Circuit erred in failing to strike down the following provisions of state laws in violation of the Petitioner’s right of equal access to the interstate wine market as protected by theCommerce Clause:

A. The laws that require in-state residency and presence to obtain a Tennessee wholesale or retail alcohol license, which laws restrict the Petitioner’s access to a wide variety of wines offered by out-of-state vendors.

B. The law that prohibits direct shipment of wine to the Petitioner from out-of-state retailers, when the State allows him to purchase as much wine as he wants from in-state retailers.

C. The law that criminalizes the Petitioner’s possession of wines purchased from out-of state retail vendors upon which Tennessee taxes have not been paid, when there is no mechanism to pay such taxes?

The State of Tennessee has filed its motion in opposition to this petition.   The state’s brief is attached here.  It notes this is a bad case to take up for several reasons including the recent changes to TN law. Sorry for the PDF of a copy as I had a hard time finding this one.

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