State of North Carolina Files Motion To Dismiss Retail Shipping Case

The state of North Carolina filed its motion to dismiss against the recent complaint by an out of state retailer challenging laws that permit North Carolina retailers to perform some local delivery functions as a violation of the dorman Commerce Clause.

The state’s brief sought dismissal because the plaintiffs lack standing, the plaintiffs’ complaint fails to state a claim, and that the naming of the Attorney General as a Defendant was improper.

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The lawyer combination of Tanford and Epstein have filed their (at least) sixth retail shipping dormant commerce clause lawsuit since the Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association decision in the Supreme Court.

This time they have filed a complaint on behalf of Florida business and several North Carolina residents claiming that the North Carolina laws discriminate against commerce.  They claim a North Carolina retail residency law and the lack of the ability of the Florida company to secure a North Carolina permit to ship wine from out of state violate the U.S. Constitution’s dormant Commerce Clause.

Two of the North Carolina resident plaintiffs have the last name Rash.   So this will likely be a Rash decision at the end of the day.  (Sorry, had to go there.)


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