Illinois Tax Upheld by IL Supreme Court

Under the category of cleaning up, I realized I had posted the complaint but never follwoed through on this post.    The Illinois Supreme Court rejected the tax increase challenges on liquor and noted it did not violate the state’s single subject rule.  The complaint is here. Sorry for the long delay.

(earlier post) Illinois Lawsuit Seeks to Equalize Beer, Wine, Liquor Tax Rates? Related to tobacco?

There is a new Illinois lawsuit seeking to stop the recently enacted increases in beer, wine and spirits taxes.   There are several arguments advanced in the complaint.  Of interest to me is its discussion of beer taxes vs. wine/liquor taxes.  In a new twist on the long running equilization debate, the plaintiff claims it is unfair underIllinois law that higher alcohol products are taxed at a higher rate than lower alcohol products.   A copy of this lawsuit is available for your review.

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