Michigan Secures Additional 21st Amendment Enforcement Act Settlements

Michigan has filed additional 21st Amendment Enforcement lawsuits against four companies. The recently settled with two of them. The Consent Order against Villa Amorosa included a $15,000 fine and I am unable to load it to this site for some reason today.

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I failed to cover the recent developments in Michigan where the Michigan Attorney General’s Office secured two consent orders against two out-of-state shippers who were illegally selling alcohol into the state.

The Michigan Attorney General’s office filed its complaints under the 27 USC 122(a) which is called the 21st Amendment Enforcement Act.   The press release from the Attorney General Nessel noted,

All we ask of those entities shipping alcohol into Michigan is to follow our laws,” said Attorney General Nessel. “When they choose instead to disregard our regulations, they may have to answer to a federal lawsuit where a judgment will be imposed against them along with damages for their violations.” 

The Consent Order for Go to Gifts can be found here.

The Consent Order for Vintner’s Collective can be found here.

This Consent Order follows the recent settlements the Ohio Attorney General secured against several out of state shippers.   States in the 6th Circuit sure have been busy!

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