Appeal filed in Mississippi Action Against Illegal Alcohol Shipment

The Attorney General of Mississippi has indeed filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Mississippi to the Judgments and Orders of the Chancery Court of Rankin County which had dismissed the state’s Complaint.   We will keep you up to date on additional briefing.

(earlier post)  Mississippi AG to Appeal Shipping Ruling

A state trial court in Mississippi granted defendants’ motion to dismiss a Complaint filed by the State of Mississippi against several retailers that were illegally shipping alcohol into the state.  The court’s opinion did not provide much detail on his rationale.  Read the Rankin County Court decision for yourself (attached as Exhibit A of the Notice of Appeal) here.

The Mississippi Attorney General’s office and the Mississippi Department of Revenue conducted a few “stings” against companies shipping alcohol online.  The news coverage noted several vendors sold into Mississippi despite several laws against shipping.  These companies also directly shipped the alcohol to the office of Commissioner of the Department of Revenue, did not pay taxes and did not confirm the purchaser or recipient was over 21.

The Mississippi Attorney General’s office indicated it will appeal this decision.

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