TTB Secures Record Trade Practice Fine Against Importer

The Treasury Department’s Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) recently secured a record trade practice fine for violations of the Federal Alcohol Administrative Act.   The press release as well as the actual Offer in Compromise are painstakingly barren on details of what the actual violation of law was.    TTB notes “Warsteiner Importers Agency Inc. is alleged to have engaged in Tied House, Commercial Bribery, and Exclusive Outlet violations that either placed, or had the potential to place, the retailer’s independence at risk. This offer in compromise was submitted to settle all possible alleged violations.”

Recall TTB has recently planned four planned seminars on trade practices around the country.   Hopefully TTB will address this case at the seminars and make materials available online so that the alcohol industry can avoid the same issues that entangled Warsteiner.

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